Hello guys, It has been nearly 2 months since we are back from Bali & I still can’t stop thinking of actually moving there! :p I have finally got some time to put together a post sharing our fav beaches of Bali! YAAAY!!

For me personally-  If I travel to an island, I expect to experience the real island feel, untouched nature, empty beaches and so on. I am really not a fan of commercialised beach clubs or “private beaches”  ( at least in this case)  It kind of kills the authenticity of the island life for me.  I could lay on beach beds in Spain, Maldives or Lisbon, it’s all gonna be more or less the same. I much rather prefer to be on a mission to find a secret beach, go for an adventure and discover and see the real, untouched beauty of nature! 

So this will be a post of real island beaches! 
P.S. if you have any questions- don't hesitate to leave in the comments below:)


After all the insta picsI have seen, this was definitely on my MUST VISIT LIST. We rented a scooter to go to the Kelingking beach. The road is super cazy - mainly consists from holes! Honestly, I don’t know if taking a car would of been a better option, but the scooter ride was super long and super bumpy!!!  However, the road was beautiful! Lots of coconut forests around & gorgeous island views. The Kelingking cliff - Super touristic spot, expect to wait in a line to take pictures. I kind of expected to be able to get down to the beach, but once I saw the path and a sign saying that you would do it on your own risk, I was quite convinced not to do it.  Later we thought that we should of just find out if we can rent a boat and get to the beach that way. (all my genius ideas comes later) The beach truly looks AMAZING!!! We saw only 2 people down there and beautiful Manta rays swimming close to the shore.  So if you are not scared rom crazy climbs or know an easier way down to the beach - DO IT!!


My absolute favourite! I think we went there 3 times haha. Quite easy to get to, as it is just down the hotel. Ok, here is the trick! Once you arrive at the hotel’s entrance you can go right in to the beach club (be prepared to pay ) or you can take a path that is on the left from the entrance. It will lead you right down to the beach for free.  Be prepared to climb around 300 steps though. Once the steps split, take the route on the right which will lead you on your own GORGEOUS, BLUE WATER, secret beach.  In case you want to grab a drink, you can walk 100m on the right, behind the rocks there is the beach club. :) On the left side you will find that the beach stretches along the coast, so you can easily find a nice / empty spot to enjoy some privacy and the beautiful view! the water is super blue and sand is almost white.


 - easy to get there by car, but I would still prefer a scooter.
 - take some water
 - steps are made from concrete so you can easily do the climb with flip flops

 - go after 1/2pm, as before water is very close to the rocks and the waves are too crazy to swim in. Otherwise you won’t be able to get down to the beach.


Another beautiful beach!  Beautiful sand and turquoise waters!! Apparently, with some bat caves etc. We got there, we climbed the steps down & unfortunately, we couldn’t get down to the actual beach. The ocean was coming until the steps and waves were smashing against the rocks. So we hand no choice, but to climb around 300 steps back up. After we noticed that water backs off after 1 / 2pm.  So, really, choose the right timing!:)


Oh wow, this beach is an adventure & probably the biggest WOW of all of them!
Meaning, it really made me feel like we are on a deserted island! simply breathtaking!! As we were 4, we took a taxi there. which dropped us off in a near by parking lot. After we took a path that led us to steps down to the beach. Well, I can’t really call them steps! it’s quite of a crazy climb down, which took us 30 min and a lot of focus. The path has been cut out in the cliff side. It consists of little sharp rocks, so you better have great walking shoes! (flip lops won’t do) . Anyways, once you get down you instantly forget the crazy climb! Behind you, you will see this massive green wall you just climb down from. On your left & right - empty, gorgeous sand beach stretching endlessly! oh, I really felt like I have just arrived on a deserted island! True beauty and power of nature! On the beach you will see some ship wrecks, cows eating grass in a near by meadows, and beautiful waves! It’s definitely worth the climb!


-great walking shoes!!
-water & lots of it
-take a scooter to get there, it’s quite difficult to get a taxi back from the place. you will be quite far from the main road, so walking is impossible. We almost got stuck there. So really get a scooter or your own car!:)