The Tegallalang rice terraces of Bali has been on my bucket list for a while!  Just look at this breath taking landscape! It never stops to amaze me how nature and the world we live in can be so amazing!

The terraces are maybe 10km from Ubud, so we took a scooter to get there. The road on a way there is amazing! That's why taking a motorbike was a great option to explore & see a bit more. We left quite "late" around 11am. Meaning, by the time we got there it was midday & the sun was literally frying us. Also it started to get busier & busier with tourists, which kind of kills the authenticity of the place. (at least for me).

At first we had a fresh juice in one of the cafes overlooking rice terraces. After some refreshments we jumped right into the adventure of exploring! We walked around the terraces and took some amazing shots! Even took a video with a drone!! I haven't got time to edit it yet, but as soon as I do, I will post it below:)

The highlight of the place was the swings!! What a great experience!! :) We researched the near by swing park, but in the end didn't go there as we found it quite pricey for the area (35.00$ per person). At the rice fields you can do the same for 5.00$ However, the swing park provides you with different swings, cute nest swings and included drinks. It depends what are you after.:)

We didn't research anything before heading there, so here are some tips from my own experience:

- go early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the sun is not so hot, and the place is not packed with tourists
-maybe there are other terraces around that are more authentic?
-have comfy walking shoes
-take water
-try the swings!!!
-don't hesitate to negotiate!! We paid 50K local rupiah for the swings, the people after us paid 150K (per person).
-you will see quite few "donations" points. They will try to get the money out of you. Otherwise you would not be allowed to get to certain areas. Be persistent and tell that you paid already at other donation point. IT IS NOT OBLIGATORY TO PAY AT THOSE!!