Hey guys,

Our trip is quickly coming to the end. We are already leaving tomorrow, which is super sad. But, on the other hand I cannot wait to share with you all the things we did and all the amazing places we saw.

Instead of putting all my trip in one post, I decided to do several ones addressing different things/places etc.

I am really not a big fan of cooking or visiting fresh food markets (my BF is), but this one was super great! Bali really surprised me with all the colours, fruit choices and the amazing tastes! Why to visit some local markets? Simply because you will get drawn into the vibe of the local life, see things/ fruits you have never seen in your life & be amazed by the tastes!

Some tips:

1. food in fresh markets are much cheaper than in supermarkets
2. don't be shy to negotiate the price! It could be so that the real price is 3x less.
3. take your camera if you are after great shots showing local life
4. go quite early, as most of them will be closed by 1-2pm.
5. try fresh coconut drink.