Hello guys! 

I would like to wish you all a very happy 2018! May it is filled with love and lots of magic & dreams coming true. xx

This year I have promised myself to slow down and to take time to care of my physical and spiritual body. So often I get caught up in work or "things that needs to be done", that I almost cannot get out. 
I always make up excuses " oh I need to finish this project", or  "the house needs cleaning", "I need to do that...& that and then I will rest." , but the truth is, there will always be things that needs to be done. 

So, my this years resolution is to accept that, stress less, do more meditation & things that are not related with work. 

My BF got me for Xmas this super elegant CLUSE 
 watch. (was that a hint for me to manage my timing better?:D)

I discovered CLUSE watches 3 years ago when they just started, and since then, I have been madly in love with their designs!

The quality is super great. I still get my black CLUSE watch since 3 years, and it's in a great condition.  Over all, I love their minimal designs and multiple options they have! Especially, the newly added metal straps. They look super fancy and chic. The best part -  you can buy the straps separately and keep freshening up your watch by changing them! That's what I am planning to do with my black watch. I will change the leather strap for the metal one.

If you are not fan of CLUSE, this is another watch brand I really fancy!!