OMG, THIS DRESS!  When you would ask me what love is?  I would say - when you meet the right person, you just know. It was exactly the case with this magical, sparkly Goddess dress!!! I just knew- I have to have it!!! It's exactly my style & makes you look amazing!  And, of course,  pieces I usually like, ends up being F****** EXPENSIVE!! 

 So, I am staring at it and thinking  - where am I gonna wear it? Xmas-  celebrating at my bf's parents - kind of "too much", NYE - don't even have plans yet. So I just saved  it in my bookmarks and left it, BUT I COULDN'T FORGET IT!  Ok, so 2 days later, I open the link and it's SOLD OUT! OMG!! WHY I DIDN'T BUY IT RIGHT AWAY??? I start to look for back up options and see it again! It's back in stock, but still quite expensive (considering it's December and you have spent too much on xmas stuff). One day later, I am ready to finally order it, and ITS SOLD OUT! LIKE SERIOUSLY?  Anyways, few days later -  I managed to get my size and order it! YAAAY!! I GOT THE DRESS!! 

That's my crazy outfit story and  a proof of me being total shopaholic!  (I even lied to my BF that I got it for free as part of a collaboration :D #guilty ). 

I have created a great sequin/sparkles outfit selection under this post, for those still looking for the party outfits, or just a dress to fall in love with!

A TIP. If you really want this dress , and it shows "SOLD OUT" ,  just try to put in the search bar the title of the dress and it might show up as a newly listed item.

Enjoy & have a lovely Xmas time! xxxx