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Hello guys,

I am super excited to give you away all my photo secrets! I decided to do this posts as i have received quite many messages, from you guys, asking how do Ì edit my photos? To be honest I took me quite of a time to “get it”.  I was looking at Lisa Dengler's  & Figtny's feeds, and wondering why my mine doesn’t look even close as nice as theirs? I downloaded all the possible apps, tried all the VSCO filters and it still didn’t look how I wanted it to look. 
So in this post, I will share a secret how I finally did it.  You will learn how to get those low saturation, minimal style images and super clean and modern insta feed. Are you excited??


Do some research on bloggers you like. Take couple of screenshots and compare with your current feed. It will help you to realise differences and similarities between your current style and the style you are aiming for. Believe me, I did quite a bit of that! Look at the details: What are the backgrounds, tones, how busy or clean is the image? How images look together on instagram? what is the transaction between them? What are the over all tonal feel of the feed? All this is super important.


Shoot your content! This is as important as the editing process. I personally tend to choose very clean, simple backgrounds to help the product stand out more and my feed to look more clean.

Try to plan the colour scheme in your head. What will be your next shoot? How both of them will go together? For example - If I have a white dress to shoot, in my next shoot I would probably shoot something on a white background or will try to add some white tones in the shots to help images better transit from one to another. I try to stick pretty much to the same colours - white, black, brown and grey. It just makes it easier for me to keep my feed look great and in the same style.


Yes, the filters! To be honest, I didn’t find any of the photo editing apps to work for me in a way I wanted them to, so I created my own Adobe Lightroom presets. I apply  them to all of my images. So after shooting the content, I would import all of my files on Adobe Lightroom and simply apply my presets. It’s super easy, fast and I know for sure, that all my images will be in the same style and will look great together!
I think it is very important you have your own branding for your blog, and yes, images plays a big role in that!  

 A SURPRISE - To make your day even brighter, I created a Lightroom Preset bundle, which consists of 15 minimal style filters which you could use to take your blogging images to the pro level. I know the struggle of branding your blog, so I decided to create something for you guys, to simply make your life a little easier. CLICK HERE  to  DOWNLOAD MY MINIMAL STYLE LIGHTROOM PRESETS. I use these for all of my images, so what you see here is pretty much what you get:)


Putting together your insta feed. I don’t know about you, but I am like a super freak spending hours and hours figuring out how my feed will look. :D I used to do it in Photoshop (yes, so old school), until I found this simply amazing app - UNUM!!! Basically it’s an empty insta grid. You upload your images, selected the ones you want to arrange and just swap them around until you find your perfect arrangement. Pretty amazing, huh? Plus,  it shows your current feed and on top off that, you just add images you will post in a near future. 

That is how I edit my photos - simple backgrounds, my super cool presets, and UNUM for arranging images.

I really hope you find this useful & if you have any cuter questions don’t hesitate to send me a message!:)