Hola guys, from Malaga, Spain!

Having the time of my life, tanning on a beach & enjoying sunshine! Spending 2 weeks here, visiting my bestie Intars. Intar's is a very good friend of mine and also a photographer. As he says- I inspired him to go and study photography.:) As we both come from photography backgrounds, it is a lot of fun working together! He is always in for my crazy ideas, and even often, take them to the next level. 

I will share the story of this shoot - We selected a super cool beach, with some rocks and interesting surroundings to play with. We prepared for the shoot and were heading there, when suddenly I got an idea that would be cool to shoot something with palm branches, do some shadow shots etc. So, we arrive, get off the bus and head down to the beach and there it is- a huge banana tree! Just one problem - it is one of those decorative trees at the side of the road to make the city look pretty and it's quite obvious you are not meant to touch them! Well,  Intar's takes out a knife and starts cutting the leaf while I am looking over to see if we won't get into a trouble. Not proud of what we did, but very proud of our determination to create something amazing! :D

Okay, let's talk a bit about this look. Honestly, I would never thought of styling a blazer with a bikini. Sounds quite odd, right? But, looks so damn good! Especially, if you would be hanging out at a beach club. You can easily cover yourself up looking all smart and classy while heading to order some cocktails. 

Yes, one of the biggest trends this AW are blazers!!  Velvet, asymmetric, checked, ruffled, pretty much any kind! I honestly cannot wait to get a hold of a blazer dress and style it with some over the knee boots to get that sexy, yet classy look. I have created a selection of some super cool blazers & over the knee boots that you will be able to style with pretty much anything for pretty much everything! Plus, they all are under $50.00!

Scroll down to find them below this post!:)