Hello from South of France!

Last few days has been super busy attending a wedding, family parties etc.
The weather is super hot, so the best way to chill is around the swimming pool or being close to waters. I have to say I love it!! It's so peaceful and nature is just amazing! 

This dress I actually wore to a wedding yesterday. It is really hot during the day and no wind, so you have to be very selective with your outfit - to look classy, but at the same time to feel comfortable and light. I wanted to try and see if I can style it in more casual way for an every-day life by simply changing heels to flats and taking more casual approach. I think it works pretty well, huh?

  It would be a shame to wear this beauty only for one event and then leave it hanging in the closet. So, I think, it is important to be smart about it and invest in outfits you can after style in different ways. Especially if you have 3-4 wedding to attend in short period of time. 

Ok, it's time to enjoy the hangover and do NOTHING today! kisses xoxoxox