Hello guys!  I hope you are having a truly wonderful summer so far and you are enjoying the warm weather!:)
Today, I really would like to write about some honest product reviews. It should be super odd to read all the time how amazing all the products are in a blog post. Once in a while you gonna come across products that you absolutely love, but they kind of leave you disappointed. that's called- life.

This super cute Rebecca Minkoff bag! I wanted it for so long and when it finally arrived I was so happy and excited to style it into my outfits!!  2 weeks later... The colour of the front lock is coming off   and the threads are poking out and getting very lose. (see the last photo) I have seen better quality "made in china" bags. Seriously!! Well, I hope it s only me having this bad experience with RM. 
I have been totally obsessed with white this season! white.... white... white.... EVERYTHING!! <3 I love how white looks on a tanned skin, and who doesn't? This this this super cute White Blazer from NewLook is probably my fav purchase this summer! I love the asymmetric design and how it almost looks like a dress. I love to style it with white high waisted shorts and a white cami top.

Oh, Missguided, why your shoes are so crazy uncomfortable? If you read my post you probably have noticed that I adore Missguided clothes, especially dresses!! Oh, they are just so perfect!! 
I ordered these black heeled sandals to style with my outfit for a wedding. OMG, I didn't even get to the church, that I needed to go back to a car and change the shoes. Soo painful! And to be honest, it's was not the 1st time.. I ordered another heeled sandals from Misguided a while ago. They are kind of ok, but after 6-7h your feet starts to hurt like hell! I am not kidding! I was out in Lisbon with my girls and I have to literally take off my shoes and walk bare foot, because the pain was so unbearable. Neither to say, it was November:D So, yap Missguided gets 5 stars for the design, and only one 1 for the comfort. 

Now, it is time for breakfasts in bed and a lazy Sunday morning! Have a lovely day! xoxox


NEW LOOK: White Blazer