When you realise in few months you will be 28 and yes, very unfortunately, only 2 more years to go to stepping into my 30s. I can't help, but notice how quickly you start to age after 25. Honestly, it is crazy!! I am not gonna deny that those bohemian parties with wine and cigarettes (especially, when living in Paris) haven’t helped. Before I felt like my body is invincible and that nothing will change anytime soon, however, now, I really start to feel the effect of my life choices. I am really putting more thoughts into how I live my life now.

 I try to exercise regularly, get rid of smoking (it terribly damages your skin), I tend to use less and less make up to allow my skin breath  and rest. I have gone totally Sodium Laureth Sulfate free. I recommend you do it ASAP. Basically what it does- it destroys the top, protective layer of your skin and your skin becomes super sensitive to allergies and diseases. The most scariest thing is that the SLS is absolutely in everything - shower gel, toothpaste, shampoo, washing powder, body lotions etc. Also I have gone gluten free. I know what are you thinking - “just like everybody else, because it is so trendy now” Well, I used to think the same.. until coming to terms with health problems caused by gluten. Now I am kind of aiming to live the life of my childhood when all the food came from grandma’s farm and everything was more or less natural. 
Fashion- When I dig up photos of me being 20-23,it literally screams- MINI. I think there was a year when I never even wore a pair of jeans. It was always dresses, skirts and shorts. That was also time when me and my bestie started to wear heels (we never did before), so once we realised we can walk in them, we kind of went over the top:D It was a fun time though. 

Now, “feeling comfortable” quite often takes over any other aspects when choosing my outfits. If I have to walk a lot, I will choose lower heeled shoes or wear sneakers, from mini I have gone to midi. I just love the feel of the length. It is still classy, sexy and shows just enough skin. Plus, it is super comfy as you don’t have to worry about your mini dress going up until your armpits when walking. :D I love this dress from Metisu!! The print, the fabric, the design - everything is on point! Another thing that has changed with me getting more “mature” - the shopping habits. Before I would buy a lot of stuff and would not really look at the quality of it, whereas now, I prefer to invest in less pieces but quality ones. In the end you spend the same amount of money buying 3 not so good quality dresses that you will throw away after few washing times than investing in a piece that will last you at least few years. Metisu clothing not be in the prices of all the ,mainstream shops, but the quality is really amazing!  If I could only make you feel the touch of this dress!! it feels like literally waring a dream, it is so flowy, light and soft!!

Another bad habit I should stop - would be not getting enough sleep;) It is 2am already and it means bedtime for me. Bonne nuit! xxx

METISU White Sleevless Belted Striped Swing Midi Dress (Size S)