Few weeks ago it was 25°C here in Paris, and of course, with a full excitement I jumped right to organising my closet and putting away all my winter clothes.  Well.. it lasted only few days and for last 3 weeks it has been freezing cold. So here comes the question - What to wear when the spring is here, but the weather keeps changing?
Closed flats/shoes are awesome, your toes won't freeze in the evening and your feet won't sweat during the day. I styled a simple tee (which is my fav tee at the moment) with cropped wide leg jeans. The jeans are super comfy as they fit quite loosely and you won't be sweating as it would be wearing skinny jeans. Plus, wide leg pants is such a trend this season. Finish off the outfit with a light trench coat, which you can take off and put in your handbag if it gets too hot. :) I ordered mine from BERENIK. It was quite expensive but I was lucky to get it with a 70% discount during the sales. Apart from, always needing to iron it, it is a great piece! You can wear it as a dress (see my previous post here) or as a coat:)
Ok, it is time for me to go and catch some sunshine outdoors! bisous! xx

BERENIK Plain Black Trench coat (similar)
BERENIK Trench coat Creme (similar)
MANGO  T-shirt (similar)
MANGO Pointed Flats
YO SHOP Cropped Wide Leg Jeans