I have finally got the time to my Maldives post! So, our trip started pretty "funny" I "drowned" my laptop few days before the trip, then we lost one luggage, I spilled a coconut oil in my bag which destroyed my phone completely and finally we crashed the drone into the ocean:D So.. once we got rid of all the technology it was time to enjoy the holiday!:D
We arrived a day earlier and stayed in the Male city the first night (and last one). I would highly suggest you to do that if you are planning to going to Maldives. Simply, because it will save you 2 more days. Last year we arrived very late so we already missed one day and we were way too tired to enjoy. This little tip helps you to recover from the travel, and you can be at the resort at midday to start enjoying your holiday:) Another tip - for the short stay, stay at the same island where the airport is located. For the 1st night we stayed at the Simry Beachside hotel and it was quite nice with a beach in front of the hotel and a super nice stuff! For the way back we chose to spend a night at the Male city.. IT IS A NO GO! Well, cool for a day to see the city, but not really for staying more than a one day. The city is super crowded, hot, a little dirty and forget about bikinies or chilling on a beach.
After our first night we were full with energy and ready to catch a boat to the Adaaran Club Rannalhi Resort! The Resort is located on a private island which is AMAAZING!! The island is quite small, you can easily make a round around the island in 20 or less minutes. The stuff is super helpful and the kindest people I have ever met! It just creates such a friendly and nice atmosphere:) 
Apparently, the hotel was built in the 80s, so it looks slightly dated. It just seems so they have a done great job with marketing/website, but reality is slightly different. Or, maybe it is just me, as I imagined this huge island with jungle where I will be wondering around taking photos and chilling on a secret beach (forever living in my fantasy world), but actually the island was super packed - house next to the house and not really that much free areas.. We were lucky to find our little beach spot which was super cool, but other beach areas were quite busy (for me "busy" means there is somebody sleeping 1-2m from you). The Barefoot Eco hotel, where we stayed last year, was much more modern and with a huge beach area and more nature around. It felt more like staying on a an island in terms of nature and rowdiness. For me there were more things to do and more interesting locations for the shoots:P
 Neverless, at the Adaaran Resort you get much nicer snorkelling areas, and the wildlife (sealife?) is much richer! Also we saw some sharks while snorkelling, and I am not talking about the baby sharks you will see when scrolling down to see the photos. I am talking about the 2m GIANT! Just 4m away from me! Pretty exciting, especially if you are not a good swimmer. Each morning the hotel stuff would feed fish guts to the fish and 4/5 sharks would come and check out the breakfast. I put my GoPro in the water to get some "closer look".  In one occasion the camera was almost eaten by the shark, but we managed to get some really really cool National Geographic like videos of the sharks! Will share that as soon as I get time to put together the Maldives movie2:) I think it really varies what you are after when choosing a Resort in Maldives.  My BF prefer this Resort as he loves snorkelling and for my creative jungle wonders I prefer the Barefoot eco Hotel.
In any case- Maldives is a dream destination that you should visit at least once in your lifetime! It is beyond beautiful, relaxing with the kindest people on the Earth! What else do you need? I just simply love being on an island and doing whatever comes into my mind at that moment. The more space you get and less things around you, the more your mind works in creative ways. Give me an empty beach and I will find million ways how to entertain myself. It is truly amazing, like discovering the world again! For me it is a heaven on Earth! I am using all the Law of Attraction tricks (Hello people, who have read The Secret book) to manifest my own island in Maldives. And yes, we are going back next year! Any suggestions for any other cool Resorts?