My island mornings usually started at 6am, when I would make a coffee, take my camera and go to the beach... Then I would have a quick swim lie down on the lounge chair and enjoy my coffee while listening the ocean waves thinking to myself- "OMG this is how I want to spend the rest of my life"
We stayed on the island for 9 days but actually it wasn't enough to enjoy it fully and how could it be? If you are literally in the Paradise. The water is super clear so snorkelling is a must! You will see so many amazing fishes just few meters from the shore. If you feel more adventurous take a kayak and go deeper in the ocean. It will relieve to you a completely different world!! While kayaking we saw  some dolphins in the distance. The hotel provides you with multiple excursions starting from diving, dolphins, snorkelling, seeing the turtles and many more.

I really wanted to see how the coconuts are harvests so the hotel stuff arranged for us to see their daily routine. The guy with bare feet quickly climbed a coconut tree and brought us down a fresh coconut, chopped of the end and handed us a coconut water drink. Amazing, right?

At 6pm when the sun goes down I went for a Mindfullness meditation with Sarah. It was amazing!!
If you get bored in the hotel territory you can take a bike and go explore the local village. It was very interesting seeing little pastel houses and children playing on the beach. Like entering a completely different world. 

Most of the time I was wondering around and taking in the island life, like going for my own little adventures. I just can't lie down on the beach all day- I have to explore and see everything!!! It brought me back to my childhood experiences when I used to spend all day outdoors wondering around.

One evening we had a dinner on the beach with light up candles and nicely decorated table. The hotel's Motto is - "If you are not barefoot you are overdressed" haha and it is so true. What's better than have a romantic dinner on the beach while your feet sinks into white sand and a light breeze touches your sun kissed skin.

Alcohol is not allowed on the island itself, however the hotel has a an antique looking boat anchored in the middle of the ocean which is a super cool bar. You just have to tell the reception that you would like to visit the "Black Pearl" and they will come and pick you up with a speedboat and bring you right to the boat:) It was a great experience, and in the end you are not sure if the alcohol or the waves has made you dizzy.

As you see the hotel provides you with multiple experiences you just have to choose what suits best for you, relax and enjoy the paradise on Earth!!!
P.S. If you are planing of going there, please take me with you!!!!!! I can't wait to be back!!!