I have to warn you that this post will be long as I am still excited from my recent trip to Maldives, which was a truly remarkable experience. This holiday's target was simple- THE WHITE SAND BEACH. It took as maybe a week to decide where to go- Maldives or Philiphines. What we wanted was- the white sand beach (Maldives) and some great adventures (Philiphhines). I was nicely surprised when arriving at the Barefoot Eco Hotel, as it was a mix of comfort and raw beauty of an island life. Exactly what I wanted!! It doesn't get better than that, right?;) The hotel is located on the Hanimaadhoo island which is 45min flight from Male. It is the only resort on the island so the island is pretty much untouched and you have this amazing opportunity to experience a real island life, meeting locals, getting lost in the jungle or simply enjoying your time on the beach. 

The hotel is very well maintained, you will constantly see someone looking after palm trees, garden, or the beach. The staff is amazing!!! I have never met so generous and happy people, they truly made us feel as being part of the Barefoot Eco family constantly looking after us and providing with the best comfort. The hotel consist of 10 beach houses each containing 4 rooms which are hidden in the palm trees just 5 meters from the gorgeous white sand beach. The size of the hotel will provide you with a truly private experience. I have to admit, at first I was worried about the crowded beach and an overload of tourists, but not here. Most of the time you would feel as the island belongs just for yourself with an empty beach and jungle noises in the middle of night.

 The hotel plants trees and grows their own vegetables as well as collaborates with the local farmers taking on board a sustainable approach. What I like from this resort that everything here is more real- starting from people, nature, beaches and I believe in the process it makes you more real too. You become one with yourself and the nature. I can't wait to share with you, guys, all the experiences we did while staying at the Bare foot Eco hotel and million of photos I took in my next post!;)

Coconut Girl (my new Maldivian nickname)